External Audit

  • The Company realizes information accountability that resulted from Audits are essential for business continuity. To provide adequate confidence in the Company’s financial and operational reports,  IPCMroutinelyappointsanexternalparty(independent) to conduct audits related to the report. This effort was conducted by the Company in order to support the Company’s internal control system and to obtain adequate information as a consideration in developing the Company’s future development strategy.

    The Company routinely appoints external auditors to perform the Company’s audit. The Company’s external auditors for the period of 2016 to 2020 are as follows:

    Table of Accountants, Public Accounting Firms, Scope of Audit, Audit Opinion, and Audit Fee

    Services in Addition to Financial Audit

    During the audit, KAP provide other services to the Company other than audit services, namely:

    1. Carrying out the agreed procedures for the results report of performance evaluation and KPI achievement for the 2020 fiscal year.
    2. As part of a general audit, carrying out procedures related to compliance with laws and regulations and internal control for the 2020 fiscal year.