Governance's Policy

  • Governance Policy (GCG soft structure) is a guideline for every organ in the process of Corporate Governance in the Company. GCG soft structure compiled by the Company is based on the Company’s Articles of Association, Laws and Regulations, and Good Corporate Governance best practices. The policy is implemented after it is disseminated, and the Company periodically reviews the policies to keep abreast of developments and changes in the prevailing regulations. The Company has several GCG soft structure as follows:

    1. GCG Code
    2. Board Manual of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors;
    3. Code of Conduct;
    4. Audit Committee Charter;
    5. Internal Audit Charter;
    6. Internal Control System Policy;
    7. Gratification and Gift/Hospitality Control Policy;
    8. Whistleblowing System Implementation Policy;
    9. Risk Management Policy;
    10. Human Resources (HR) Policy;
    11. Policy on Information/Data Services Standard and Documentation to Users;
    12. Subsidiaries’ Coaching;
    13. Other