PartCriteriaExplanation 2020Evidance 2019
    DDisclosure and Transparency
    D.1Transparent Ownership Structure
    D.1.1Does the information on shareholdings reveal the identity of benefical owners, holding 5% shareholding or more ?IPCM has dislosed shareholders' information, including controlling shareholders, shareholders of 5% or more, and shareholding by the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors in the Annual Report. Specifically, for the shareholding of the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners, it has been fully disclosed that no owns the Company's shares.-
    D.1.2Does the company disclose the direct and indirect (deemed) shareholdings of major and/or substantial shareholders ?IPCM's website and Annual Report have included the Company Group Structure that contains the major shareholders to the controlling shareholder.-
    D.1.3Does the company disclose the direct and indirect (deemed) shareholdings of directors (commissioners) ?IPCM Annual Report has disclosed no IPCM shareholding by the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors-
    D.1.4Does the company disclose the direct and indirect (deemed) shareholdings of senior management ?IPCM Annual Report has not yet disclosed any share transactions by Senior Management (officials one level below the Board of Directors).-
    D.1.5Does the company disclose detail of the parent/holding company, subsidiaries, associates, joint ventures and special purpose enterprises/vehicles (SPEs)/(SPVs) ?IPCM's Annual Report and website dislose detail of the parent/holding company's and subsidiaries' ownership structure.-
    D.2 Quality of Annual Report
    D.2.1Corporate ObjectiveIPCM Annual Report has disclosed the company's vision and mission-
    D.2.2Financial Performance indicatorsIPCM Annual report has disclosed IPCM's financial performance indicators.-
    D.2.3Non-Financial Performance indicatorsIPCM Annual Report also uses non financial performance indicators to measure IPCM's business achievement and sustainability.-
    D.2.4Dividend PolicyThe dividend policy is included in the Board Manual in the Board of Directors' Collegial Duties and Authorities section.-
    D.2.5Biographical details (at least age, academic qualifications, date of first appointment, relevant experience, and any other directorships of listed companies) of all directors/commissionersProfiles of the Board of Commissioners and each Board of Directors can be accessed through the IPCM website and also disclosed in the IPCM Annual Report that can be accessed through the website.-
    D.2.6Attedndance details of each director/commissioner in all director/commissioner meetings held during the year.IPCM Annual Report has disclosed attendance detail of each director/commissioner in all director/commissioner meetings held during the year.-
    D.2.7Total remuneration of each member of the board of directors/commissionersIPCM Annual Report only disclosed Board of Directors' and Board of Commissioners total remuneration (not individually).-
    Corporate Governance Confirmation Statement
    D.2.8Does the Annual Report contain a statement confirming the company's full compliance with the code of corporate governance and where there is non-compliance, identify and explain reasons for each such issue ?In the Annual Report is not found a statement confirming the Company has complied wuth the code of good corporate governance. If there is non-compliance should also be disclosed (include identity reasons for the non-compliance).-
    D.3Disclosure of Related Party Transactions (RPTs)
    D.3.1Does the company disclose its policy covering the review and approval of material RPTs ?Currently, IPCM no has policies covering the review and approval of material RPTs.-
    D.3.2Does the company disclose the name, relationship, nature and value for each materail RPTs ?Annual Report has disclosed materail RPTs. Disclosures includ the names of related parties, relationships, and the nature of the transactions.-
    D.4Director and Commisioners dealings in the shares of the Company
    D.4.1Does the company disclose trading in the company's shares by insiders ?Annual Report has disclosed insider trading. IPCM always strives to avoid insider trading based on disclosures in the Annual Report that there is no insider trading transaction.-
    D.5External Auditor and Auditor Report
    D.5.1Are the audit and non-audit fees disclosed ?IPCM has disclosed the Audit Fee amount in the Annual Report published in 2020 and disclosed that there was no non-audit fee besides the Audit fee.-
    D.5.2Does the non-audit fee exceed the audit fees ?There is no non-audit fee, so the amount cannot be compared with the audit fee amount.-
    D.6Medium of Communications
    D.6.1Quarterly ReportingIPCM publishes financial statements quarterly through the Stock Exchange Information Disclosure for each quarterly period.-
    D.6.2Company WebsiteIPCM has the Company website https://ipcmarine.co.id.-
    D.6.3Analyst's briefingThere was no evidence that IPCM held regular analyst briefing in 2020.
    D.2.6.4Media briefings/press conferencesIPCM has not yet held media briefings, only held press conferences.-
    D.7Timely filing/relase of annual/financial reports
    D.7.1Are the audited annual financial report/statement released within 120 days from the financial year end ?The Financial Statement for the 2019 fiscal year (audited) was published on March 26, 2020, and announced in the newspaper on March 30, 2020, and announced on the Exchange on April 2, 2020, so that the publication of audited Financial Statements was released within 120 days from the financial year ended.-
    D.7.2Is the annual report realesed within 120 days form the financial year end ?The Annual Report for the 2019 fiscal year was released on March 31, 2020, and announced the Exchange on April 24, 2020. The publication of the Annual Report was released within 120 days after the financial year ended (although the correction was made and re-submitted to the Exchange on August 26, 2020. This was due to the COvid-19 pandemic).-
    D.7.3Is the true and fairness/fair representation of the annual financial statement/reports affirmed by the board of directors/commissioners and/or the relevant officers of the company ?IPCM' Annual Financial Statement has been accompanied by a statement from the Board of Direvyors, which stated that Board of Directors is responsible for the financial statement prepared based on accounting standards and responsible for the internal control system.-
    D.8Company Website
    D.8.1Financial statements/reports (lates quarterly)The quarterly financial statements have been uploaded to the IPCM website-
    D.8.2Material provided in briefings to analysts and mediaMaterials of media briefings and analyst meetings have been uploaded to the IPCM website.-
    D.8.3Downloadable Annual ReportThe Annual Report can be accessed and downloaded through the IPCM website.-
    D.8.4Notice of AGM and/or EGMAGM/EGM Announcements and Notices have been uploaded to the IPCM website.-
    D.8.5Minutes of AGM and/or EGMThe announcement of minutes of the 2020 AGM resolutions has been uploaded to the IPCM website.-
    D.8.6Company's constitution (company's by-laws, memorandum and articles of associaton)IPCM's AoA is not found on the website.-
    D.9Investor Relations
    D.9.1Does the company disclose the contact details (e.g. telephone, fax, and email) of the officer/office responsible for investor relations ?The Investor Relations contact address as been listed on the IPCM website.-