Good Corporate Governance

  • Good Corporate Governance

    The implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) practices have become a necessity for businesses throughout the world, including Indonesia. GCG is the principles that underlie the process and mechanism of company management based on compliance with laws and regulations as well as a reflection of the business world that has ethics. In the concept of sustainable development, GCG is one of the main pillars that is expected to form the foundation of a healthy investment climate. Furthermore, GCG has become one of the fundamental factors for investors in assessing the company’s continued performance in the future.


    GCG Principles

    The Company is committed to implementing the Good Corporate Governance principles comprehensively and continuously in every business activity, which includes the principles of:

    Good Corporate Governance Assessment

    The Company regularly conducts the GCG assessment and evaluation to determine the level of compliance of the Company with the Good Corporate Governance standards. Periodically, the Company performs GCG assessments with references to the criteria as stipulated in the Decree of the Secretary of the Ministry of SOEs No. SK-16/S. MBU/2012 dated 6 June 2012, on Assessment indicator/parameter and evaluation of Good Corporate Governance implementation on SOEs. The Company appointed PT Kharisma Integrasi Manajemen to conduct an Assessment of GCG Practices during 2020. The GCG assessment in 2020 has increased to 95,235. GCG assessment for 2017 – 2020, as follows:

    YearGCG Achievement ScoreGCG Implementation Quality ClassificationAssessor%
    202096,97Very good-96,97
    201995,235Very good--
    201890,89Very good-90,89
    201786,217Very good-86,217