Investor and Analyst Presentation 2019

Investor and Analyst Presentation 2019

Project Description

J­Turn – Achieving Forward Momentum

J­Turn is the process of turning a vehicle 180 degrees while maintaining the same direction. Like many companies, PT Jasa Armada Indonesia Tbk (IPCM) have experienced many challenges. Prior to 2019, the company’s revenue was in a decreasing trend. A transfo rmation or in other words, a J­Turn was indeed necessary to reverse such trend.

2019 was the year that IPCM intensified its transformation progra m to rebuild a better foundation that will support futu re growth. Such program include rear ranging the business model, strengthening the company’s brand and reputation, and improving the quality of product and services.

The progress so far has been good and on track, resulting bette r financial in 2019, and created a momentum to move things forward. The road ahead will occasionally have bumps. Nevertheless, with sound financial and continued strong support from its stakeholders, the company is in a good position to weather any storms that it may face during the journey.