PartCriteriaExplanation 2020Evidence 2019
(B) B.1.1Does the company release its notice of AGM (with detailed agendas and explanatory circulars), as announced to the Exchange, at least 28 days before the date of the meeting ?IPCM has submitted and released the Notice of AGM, which included detailed agenda of more than 28 days, although this was a result of the AGM postponement, one of whic was due the dat of the meeting ?-
(B) C.1.1Does the company adopt an internationally recognized reporting framework for sustainability (i.e. GRI, Integreted Reporting, SASB) ?The Sustainability Report is prepared based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and is prepared separately from the Annual Report.-
(B) E.1.2Does the company have a policy and disclose measurable objectives for implementing its board diversity and report on progress in achieving its objectives ?The board diversity policy (BOard of Commissioners and Board of Directors) is disclosed in the IPCM Annual Report.-
(B) E.5.1Does the board describe its governance process arount IT issues including disruption, cyber security, disasted recovery, to ensure that all key risks are identified managed and reported to the board ?As disclosed in the Annual Report, IPCM has built Information Technology Infrastructure, including hardware and software, for server, the Company already has a backup server.-


PartCriteriaExplanation 2020Evidence 2019
(P) E.4.2Do independent non-executive directors/commissioners receive options, performance shares or bonuses ?Accroding to the AGM resolutions on July 15, 2020, in the 4th agenda, the Board of Directors, and Board of Commissioners received bonuses (in this case, including Independent Commissioners).-