IPCM at a Glance

  • IPCM provides pilotage & towing services to ensure smooth and safe anchoring of vessels entering and exiting Seaports, Inland Waterways, and Oil & Gas Offshore Ship-to-Ship Activities (STS).

    Based on a Ministry of Transportation (MoT) regulation that complies with international regulations, all vessels above 500 GT are subject to pilotage and towing, in which the mandated port operator and STS operator must provide the activity under Indonesian maritime law.

    Pilotage is basically an activity under the State Authority, which is delegated and mandated to each port operator as a state representative.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • The Value of the Company

“A world-class pilotage and towage services in the port ecosystem that facilitate trade growth”

”Maximize added value for stakeholders.”

In order to realize the role of State-Owned Enterprises as engines of economic growth, social welfare accelerators, job providers, and talent providers, it is necessary to transform the Human Resources of State-Owned Enterprises, one of which is through the establishment of Core Values. Values) Human Resources of State-Owned Enterprises as the identity and adhesive of work culture that supports continuous performance improvement.

IPC via letter Number OT.02.02/23/7/I/BDP/BDM/PI.II.2020 dated July 23, 2020 regarding the Implementation of One Single Core Values ​​AKHLAK at IPC Group.

Corporate values ​​(core values) are compiled based on the aspirations and basic principles of the company which are believed to be very important to business performance and growth. The company applies corporate values, namely: